Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lemon Loaf Cake. Just OK.

Well, as other bloggers mentioned, this is good, but needs a little something. It's just kind of bland. People suggested adding more zest and the juice of the lemons, a glaze on top, etc. Not sure I would make this again. However, on the positive side, it was exceedingly simple and fast to make, so if you need a quick pound cake, this may be your ticket. Oh, and my kids did really enjoy it, but I think they are just thrilled that I'm baking.

Of course, I did have a magic baking moment. the recipe says to "whisk together the eggs, sugar, and salt for just a minute, until foamy." I whisked for exactly a minute and nothing was even remotely foamy. I'm thinking, this is yet another baking technical term that I obviously don't get. I turned away to chop up my zest and when I turned back, waa-laa, my egg mixture was foamy. It's magic. Gotta love chemistry. Yay!

In my attempt to get more active with Tuesdays with Dorie gang, I did nominate two recipes for May baking. I also looked on one of this week's host websites,, and she had the most beautiful food photos, so I posted her link here. Let me just say that her baked items look amazing! I definitely need to work on adding pictures here to bring these things to life.

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  1. Thank you so much for your lovely compliments Teri!